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When and why is Agarwood used in therapy?

Much before man began to write history, Agarwood and its wonderful benefits was known to him. He tried to use different plants to find out how good they were for the body not only to exist but also to get enriched. As time pass by he found that there were some herbs that could nourish the body, enliven it and bring on stupor.

This is how he started using the various ingredients; mainly the wood and the oil derived from the tree, for his various health benefits. Man started using the oil as time passed. Oil was used not only for his body use but also for religious ceremonies and rituals because of its fragrance and aroma. They gave high value to this oil not only for rituals but also for the purpose of health.

Interacts With Cells in Human Body

The oil of Agarwood provides a number of benefits in therapeutic treatment. In its pure organic form it possesses an inherent powerful life force. When used in aroma therapy it interacts and communicates with the cells in human body and thereby supports the natural healing process. In ancient times it was used to purify and embalm rituals. In recent times modern industries use it to manufacture therapeutic oil.

When you have a nervous breakdown or your blood pressure runs high, the extracts from this wood can come to your rescue. The concentrated and natural extract of this wood will exert a significant physiological and psychological impact to the cell membrane.

Topical Application

The therapeutic grade of the oil extracted from Agarwood is very safe for topical application. You can apply the same on the affected part of the skin to remove rash or even acne. If you apply a little oil on your nose and inhale its aroma, you can be cured of a block nose, bronchitis or even sore throat. The oil of this tree is derived from the veins of the tree. It is 100% natural.

When you have body ache or your knees start to pain that may even lead to arthritis, this oil will come to your rescue. It relieves you of pain and even reduces the chances of being affected by arthritis. No bacteria or virus will survive in the presence of this oil because it has high contents of phenols, carvacron and trepans.

Stress Buster

When you are stressed with your daily routine and you need to have a relaxed sleep, a few drops of agarwood oil will create magic. Apply this magic oil on your forehead. Within minutes you will be relieved of your stress. Even if you are in an emotional trauma, the aroma of the oil’s specific components will balance the electrical frequencies of the brain. It brings about an optimal efficiency in its performance.

The oil has therapeutic qualities that can meet the demand of the modern world’s holistic and natural solutions. The oil is very much in demand and used in ayurvedic massages and other treatments where allopathic medicines cannot find any solution. Agarwood has everything that you may need for nature therapy.