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Agarwood Oil
AAA Grade

Agarwood oil 3 ML = $60

Agarwood Oil
AA Grade

Agarwood 3 ML = $40

What is Oud Oil?

Imagine an evergreen tree nestled deep in the jungle of Bhutan. Rare by the conditions and weather of the wild forest, the evergreen in nature produces a protective substance that infuses its bark with a fascinating fragrance. This is called 'Oud', also known as agarwood.

Stuffed with a rich and beautiful scent, Oud has been prized by sultans, sheikhs and explorers in the Far East for centuries. To this day, Oud is appreciated and traded as a treasure more valued than red rubies and green emerald.

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Why does Oudh cost more than any perfume ?

Have you ever put fragrance on in the morning only to find that the fragrance dissolved or changed by the afternoon? This is because commercial perfumes are blended in the laboratory with economically manufactured artificial alcohols and diluters, and usually contain no essential fragrance in them whatsoever. The average $80 bottle of perfume can cost as little as $5 to produce. Are you actually getting what you've paid for?'s Oudh is 100% pure, natural, and authentic fragrance concentrate. Too thick to spray, Oud is luscious oil that feels like fine velvet when rubbed onto the skin.'s Oudh does not contain any type of synthetic aroma chemicals, and is certifiably the core essential fragrance you are looking for in any perfume. Due to the uncontaminated nature of our products, the production rate is more expensive.'s offers a select range of Oud oils in their purest form. single swipe of our Oudh oil will keep you emanating a rich, intoxicating aroma all day. Experience our fine line of Oud, and you will never go back to using artificial perfume again!

How Oudh is made ?

Our Oudh made its voyage from far-away lands and takes many years to ripen and mature before it funneled into the container. Originating from an evergreen tree, oud is produced in its trunk to fight off natural happening bacteria found in the jungles and wild forests of the Far South East Asia. As long as the tree grows, the effectiveness of the Oud also increases. Its intoxicating aroma is extraordinary and precious substance known as agarwood.

The original explorers who discover the Oudh trees in the jungle trade the wood to expert distillers, who begin the procedure of extracting the resin from the agarwood. Oudh oil extraction can be performing through water or steam distillation.

In the case of water extraction, the Oud wood is immersed in water for three months. Afterward, the expert distillers place the soaked wood into huge burners called 'stills' where the water evaporates. They cook the wood for many hours until the resin dissolves and oil floats to the top. This is known as the Indian distillation method.

vapor extraction entails that they take the wood chips and place them in a steam distillation unit. The great force of the steam forces the resin out of the agarwood and the oil drips into a funnel. This method is more commonly used in the East Asian countries. Once the liquid has been distilled, collected, and bottled it is then sold to specialized distributors in the region.'s travels across the world to get only the finest Oudh from these committed artisans.

Oud is not only healing to the mind and body, it is also an exercise in sensory refinement. Experiencing the fine aroma of each distinct strand of Oud will make you discover an art form so subtle and yet deeply commanding.

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