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Agarwood – the therapeutic oil

Since the last 20 years, many health care professionals are into rediscovering the benefits of essential oils. Agarwood oil provides great benefits. It is valued amongst the top in therapeutic treatment. This therapeutic oil has a powerful life force inherent in its pure organic form. It has an unmatched ability to interact and communicate with the cells in human body. It is also used in treating animals and thereby supporting the natural healing process.

This therapeutic oil has enjoyed a history of millions of years of being used in healing and anointing throughout the ancient world. It was used by the ancient Egyptians to purify and embalm rituals. In recent times the modern industries of bio-chemicals have advanced, this therapeutic oil has earned a high value status in the list of essential oils.

How Does The Oil Help

The concentrated natural extracts from agarwood exerts a significant physiological hormonal, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects. They have the ability to penetrate the cell membrane and travel through the blood and tissues and improve electrical frequencies. It is scientifically proved that the exquisite fragrance of this wood dispels negative emotions, lifts spirits and balance moods. It can also carry nutrients into the cells and oxygenate them and further it can stimulate the nerves and regenerate the tissues.

The therapeutic grade of this oil guarantees safety along with quality assurance. It can be utilized in the primary methods of application, which in turn consists of inhalation topical application as well as internal views. The oil of the tree that is used for therapeutic use is the life of the plant. It carries nutrients as well as liquids through the plant. As they are natural substances they are sure to benefit people.

Exquisite Scents

The oil extracted from agarwood has been used medicinally to kill virus, fungia and bacteria. Even research has shown that virus, bacteria etc cannot live in the presence of this oil. It is because it is high in thymol, carvacrol, phenols and also trepans. It provides exquisite sense to balance mood, lift up spirits, dispel negative emotions and create a romantic atmosphere.

Thus the grade oil contains highly oxygenating ingredients which help to transport oxygen along with nutrients to different parts of the entire body. Apart from promoting the regrowth of tissue it helps in stimulating the nerves and getting rid of carbon dioxide, harmful toxins and other wastes.

Improves Brain efficiency

The aroma of the oils obtained from agarwood helps in balancing electrical frequencies of the brain and brings about an optimal efficiency in its performance. It also has an impact on the limbic system in a beneficial way. The limbic system is where recent emotion and smell are processed in a significant way.

When you inhale the aroma its specific components release emotional trauma. The therapeutic quality of this oil provides natural and holistic solutions to many of today’s demands. The tiny molecules easily pass through cell walls and even membranes delivering therapeutic benefits of agarwood, exactly where they are needed.