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R. Davis

I have heard of this oil since long time, just because of that I started to find out about this my curiosity increased as soon as I started to read about it. After spending good amount of money finally I found your web store, your oil smell is sweet, just keep me updated about new oils, I am happy to buy some small amounts for me.

Paralees (Aromatherapist)

I was a little unsure about your oils, when I brought the tiniest sample, which eventually was awesome. I will soon get more oil for my attar shop

Hennery USA

I am happy with the way you explained me the truth about the variety of Agarwood from various regions, and of course the price deciding factors. Your packet arrived safely in 2 weeks; take my advice do something to delivery faster this will surely increase your sales.

Robert James

Very nice Sweet in the beginning, deep woody Smoky at the mid & musky aroma, I love this oud oil bottle thank you.

Nancy Lee

I got my packet recently; it is really deep animal like musky sometimes very heavy type, later I can find woody notes. I have referred you to my friend as well he also is very fond of Agarwood collection. Many thanks