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Health benefits of Agarwood

Agarwood trees grow on a variety of soils and can grow to a least height of about 400 meters to a maximum of more than 900 meters. They grow in India at the foothills of the Himalayas and are also found in South and South East Asia. These trees grow very fast. When they reach to a growth of about 3 years, the tree starts to produce seeds and flowers. These trees belong to the Thymelaeceae family.

The oil extracts from this tree provide innumerable health benefits. In the olden days people would burn the plants of these trees to lull and sedate those who had sleeping problems. Some of them who inhale the fragrance would be relieved of anxiety and stress. Some would feel energetic and others would express visionary experiences of inhaling or the strength of its aroma.

Medical Benefits

Agarwood tree has its veins in its roots where the true medicine, the oil, is found. The oil is medicinally used to kill fungia, virus and bacteria. These are arsenals of diseases and cannot live in the presence of this oil. This oil has natural ingredients to dispel these viruses and strengthen the immune system.

The oil contains highly oxygenating ingredients. When you use it in aroma therapy it helps to transport oxygen along with nutrients to different parts of the entire body. It helps to get rid of harmful toxins, carbon dioxide and other ways and thereby stimulates the nerves and promotes the re-growth of tissues.

Reduces Emotional Trauma

The oil extracted from the agarwood tree has an aroma which is rich in specific component that help reduce emotional trauma when the aroma of the oil is inhaled. The oil possesses therapeutic qualities that provide natural with holistic solutions to many of the mental and physical problems that people face today. The medical benefits recorded by our ancestors are there as a ready reference for us to use and experiment.

The ingredients in this oil have the power to help in balancing electrical frequencies of the brain and bring about an optimal efficiency in its performance. It helps the limbic system to process smell in a beneficial way. If you rub the oil on the feet, the tiny molecules will pass easily through the cell walls and even membrane to deliver its therapeutic benefits.

The True Experience of Its Benefits

Those who have experienced the benefits of the oil procured from the agarwood tree were our ancestors. It is through their wisdom and their experience of the benefits of this oil, that we learn more about this oil. Not only in bodily form but also in various spiritual dimensions, we realise its effect and get to know the true value of agarwood oil.

The tree is mother’s nature gift to us. It has many benefits stored in it that have being extracted from it over thousands of years. The health benefits that this earthly element provides us have not only being experienced by our fore fathers but people today are still exploring more hidden values in agarwood.