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What is Agarwood Oil good for?

The capability to enhance enlightenment, meditation, clarity and spirituality lies in the pure form of agarwood oil. For this very reason it has been valued as the most sacred oil. This oil has been considered as the top in therapeutic treatment, as it strongly invokes a deep sensation of relaxation. It is used in aroma therapy.

It is good for providing relief in anxiety and stress and also provides strength thus it is used for fragrant aroma massage. It is said when you inhale the aroma of this oil, it transmutes ignorance and brings energy in the form of calmness to the mind and spirit. If you combine it in right proportions with the right types of oils the essential oil can be used as an aphrodisiac.

It’s Origin

The agarwood oil is obtained from Aquliraria trees. These evergreen trees are uprooted and the oil is extracted from the earth wood by the process of steam distillation. Its aroma is exclusive and pleasant because of the process in which the oil is extracted. It is also because of the fungal infection that is embedded in the wood. The aroma of this oil can be used as a cure for various physical and mental illnesses through aroma therapy.

The oil contains a natural component which is known as valerian. Thus the oil is used to make essential oils that can provide you relief from insomnia and even reduce your stress levels. If it is used as a blend with other natural oils, it can provide wonderful fragrances. It can do great work for skin infections; provide pleasant fragrance in the environment where it is used.

Earthy Element

Agarwood is an earthly element. Agarwood oil that is extracted from this tree has great natural, medical and therapeutic properties. This has been accepted by not only our ancestors but also by this modern world that has recognised the true value of this oil. The oil is very difficult to find, as there is a great shortage of agarwood trees.

The oil is used in a diluted form to cure headaches, sore throats etc. It is used in the manufacture of fragrance sticks that are burnt in a close room to provide a soothing atmosphere. It also relaxes the mind of the people who are present in the room.


These sticks are also used in India in the performance of religious ceremonies or when offering prayers to God. These fragrance sticks that are made from agarwood oil have other ingredients too. These sticks are also known as ‘agarbattis’. The sticks are a source of income of the rural people in India. These sticks are being exported to most corners of the world.

Agarwood comes from the tree which is found in South and South East Asia, where it is found in large numbers. The oil of agar was initially used for medication or perfumes but today it has become the most sought after oil. It is very much in demand all over the world, as man has realised the rich qualities of agarwood oil.